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Clients using Heavenly services: –

  1. authorise Heavenlyz to provide emergency veterinary treatment to any of my pet(s) in Heavenlyz care
  2. understand that Heavenlyz cannot be held responsible for the death, injury or illness of any of my pet(s) in Heavenlyz care.
  3. will reimburse Heavenlyz the cost of all emergency treatment including – where the treatment is required due to no fault of Heavenlyz – reasonable costs for disruption to Heavenlyz business.
  4. will reimburse Heavenlyz any and all costs associated with the death, injury or illness of any client pet(s) in Heavenlyz care including – where death, injury or illness is due to no fault of Heavenlyz – reasonable costs for disruption to Heavenlyz business.
  5. agree to pay Heavenlyz for 1) any damage caused by their pet(s) as well as 2) reasonable costs for business disruption. This refers to damage caused (a) to any other pet(s) that clients have authorised to share the same accommodation AND/ OR (b) to any of Heavenlyz staff AND/ OR (c) to any of Heavenlyz property/ equipment/ fixtures/ fittings.
  6. agree that they are not entitled for any reason to a refund for an appointment booked but for which EITHER is not attended OR cannot be attended OR arrives later than the specified arrival time  and Heavenlyz cannot accommodate this lateness.
  7. indemnify Heavenlyz against claims, financial or otherwise, regarding client pet(s) outcome(s).
  8. understand that the outcome for pet(s) is significantly dependant on their health/ coat as presented to Heavenlyz as well as any information that provided to Heavenlyz by the client
  9. authorise Heavenlyz, where (a) clients arrived with more than one pet(s) of the same species and (b) Heavenlyz staff deem it feasible, to co-accommodate those pet(s).
  10. understand that the services provided may vary from those initially described and that Heavenlyz will endeavour to contact the client in advance to discuss any changes.
  11. understand that the final price to be paid for services to my pet(s) may differ from any estimate initially provided and that where it significantly differs Heavenly will endeavour to contact the client as early as possible on the contact details the client has provided elsewhere. Clients further understand that any difference to the estimated price, whether Heavenlyz has been able to contact or not, must be settled before collection of pet(s) and that any disputes will be settled only after the client has paid in full for the services provided.
  12. understand that Heavenlyz will specify a collection time for pet(s) and that, unless otherwise communicated, clients will attend at that time. Clients who are late collecting their pet(s) accept that Heavenlyz may charge a fee per part or full hour after the agreed collection time.
  13. understand that pet(s) will only be returned to clients or another party authorised the client and agreed by Heavenlyz.
  14. understand that any party collecting pet(s) may be required to produce identification in order to collect the pet(s).
  15. indemnify Heavenlyz against any claims arising where clients delegate the collection of pet(s) to another party.
  16. accept that pet(s) will be returned to the collecting party in good condition and that, where the collecting party has any concerns, those concerns must be raised at the point of collection.
  17. understand that pet(s) become the legal property of Heavenlyz if not collected from Heavenlyz premises within 14 calendar days of my appointment.
  18. understand that, if suitable, Heavenlyz will place uncollected pet(s) in a new home and that if a new home cannot be found and if such a course of action is in the best interests of the pet(s), Heavenlyz reserves the right to provide the pet(s) with a humane end of life.
  19. agree to reimburse any costs incurred by Heavenlyz from the time of late collection onwards.
  20. confirm that pet(s) brought to Heavenlyz for grooming have never displayed signs of unprovoked or nervous aggression.
  21. consent to Heavenlyz recording images and text of my pet(s) in Heavenlyz care as well as potentially of myself/ those who deliver or collect my pet(s) and for Heavenlyz to use this data for advertising purposes and agree that irrevocable consent is provided for Heavenlyz to do this
  22. Heavenlyz reserves the right to decline provision of services to anyone under 18 years of age
  23. confirm that they are the legal owner/ guardian of the pet(s) detailed
  24. understand that in use of Heavenlyz services clients have read, understood and accepted these conditions and that acceptance of these conditions remains in place until a written request stating otherwise is provided
  25. authorise Heavenlyz to provide grooming services to myself or my pet(s)